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The music of Nashville TN. based Hummingbyrds is steeped in Americana, folk, roots rock, and the great singer-songwriters that have defined American music for over sixty years. But don’t let these labels fool you. 

Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams have chemistry; and this chemistry allows them to turn their influences into original songs that reach the hearts of today’s listener. Perhaps the magic comes from their great arrangements that use acoustic guitar, stand up bass, accordion, pedal steel and percussion. Or maybe it’s the level of intimacy that flows from the voices of Buonaccorsi and McWilliams, as they follow, blend and inspire each other on stage.

Whatever it is, The Hummingbyrds have figured out how to merge tradition with unique personality, and in doing so, they have created music that resonates deep within the souls of any audience. 

Roots Rock/Americana