"Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams have chemistry; and this chemistry allows them to turn their influences into original songs that reach the hearts of today’s listener. Perhaps the magic comes from their great arrangements that use acoustic guitar, stand up bass, accordion, pedal steel and percussion. Or maybe it’s the level of intimacy that flows from the voices of Buonaccorsi and McWilliams, as they follow, blend and inspire each other on stage. Whatever it is, The Hummingbyrds have figured out how to merge tradition with unique personality, and in doing so, they have created music that resonates deep within the souls of any audience." Evan Pollock, Experience Drums

"Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams— as the Hummingbyrds – write, sing and play music that hits all the sweet spots of Americana. Their songs that pluck the chords of our common experiences – ups and downs of our loves and inner lives, the challenges and triumphs of our work.

Their songs of speak of the roads we travel. Their music is the music of the juke joints and cafes where we find a pause in those travels.There is sawdust and squeezebox in the Hummingbyrds’ music, and the flights of fancy we get when we dance barefoot after a drink or two. Their songs are inhabited by true characters, haunted by regrets and missteps, yet always seem to triumph in the end in a blossom of optimism about the resilience and joy of the human spirit." Richard Byrne, Chicago Music journalist

​​The Hummingbyrds

Purgatory Emporium

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The Hummingbyrds are a Nashville, Tennessee based Americana duo comprised of Debra Buonaccorsi (vocals, guitar, accordion) and Steve McWilliams (vocals, guitar). They aren't the types to spend countless hours talking about  their music, writing, influences and inspiration. They'd rather just be playing, writing or listening to their favorite records by The Band or XTC. The Hummingbyrds like their music to speak for itself. They aspire to create music and lyrics that tell honest, straightforward stories. They are of the mind that if they have to tell you what a song means or what they are going for in their sound, then they're not doing their job.

So, who are The Hummingbyrds? Just listen to their music.

THE HUMMINGBYRDS self-titled debut album,

nominated for Washington Area Music Award (Wammie)

for Best Roots Rock Recording 2015 and Best Female Roots Rock Vocalist (Debra Buonaccorsi)

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ITunes: The Hummingbyrds

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